News & Events

Upcoming Events

  • College Park Quarterly Meeting is October 19 through 21. Please register by October 12 to avoid the late fee.

  • The Ins & Outs of CA November Ballot Propositions discussion / workshop will be sponsored by the Social and Environmental Action Committee on First Day (Sunday) October 28th at 1 pm in the Meetingroom.

  • The library will be taking donations for the 2019 Quaker History Calendars that we have published to benefit the Friends Committee on Legislation of California.  Please check them out in the library.  At least three of the six Quakers who initiated the founding of this organization in 1952 were members of Berkeley Meeting. In honor of FCLCA, the two themes covered this year are Quakers and civil liberties, which was the reason for the founding, and Quakers and criminal justice reform, which is central to their work today.  The calendars are informative and make inexpensive Christmas gifts.

  • Friends Publishing is evolving to help grow Quakerism: Revitalizing Friends Journal to speak to the issues we face today, launching QuakerSpeak to tap the power of video to nurture a new generation of seekers, and standing up for Quaker values in a changing world. Join Friends Publishing staff Gabriel Ehri, Sara Waxman, and Jon Watts for a presentation and discussion, and learn how you can play a part in growing your meeting and sharing Quaker experience. Berkeley Friends Meeting, 2151 Vine Street, Berkeley, on Saturday, October 27 from 3-4 pm. Another presentation will take place at San Francisco Friends Meeting the next day, Sunday, October 28th, from 1-2 pm.

  • Oral Histories Continue!  From 3-5 pm at the Berkeley Friends Meetinghouse, there will be an oral history taped of

    miriam berg on November 17.  

  • Berkeley Meeting has a Young Adult Friends group which usually meets at least twice a month. The schedule is a bit different during the summer. A Young Adult camping trip is in the works for September.  Young Adult Friends is a good way for people between the ages of about 18 to 40 to get to know one another better, and to meet Young Adults from other local Meetings.  If you have any questions, please contact any of the members of the Young Adult Friends planning group:  Jessie Mitchell, Keenan Lorenzato, Meghan McAllister, Jonny Cookmeyer, and Laura Benitez.

  • Film on November 18th, Quakers: That of God in Everyone.  This documentary (2015) was produced by Cincinnati Friends Meeting for their 200th  anniversary.  It is and introduction to the dramatic untold stories of ordinary Quakers who helped change the course of American history by seeing that of God in everyone


  • The Ben Lomond Quaker Center has a calendar of events throughout the year.  The Berkeley Society of Friends has a pass for each one, for one person. The Quaker Center programs for this year are posted on the bulletin board in the Community Room of our Meetinghouse and are listed here.  If you are interested in using the Berkeley Meeting pass for a program, please see or email anyone on the Outreach and Nurture Committee. 

  • Young Adult Friends (YAF) gathering: Second Wednesdays of every month in the dining room and parlor at 6:30 dinner, discussion, worship, and/or worship sharing.  They also meet the 3rd Sunday at a local restaurant for lunch after Meeting for Worship. Contact Judy Tate if you have any questions. Berkeley Meeting has a Young Adult Friends group which meets at least twice a month.  

  • The meeting invites you to consider attending the Circle of Concern, which is a twice weekly vigil near the west lawn of the UC campus, at Oxford and Center Streets, that meets to express opposition to nuclear weapons.  The vigil takes place on Sunday from 2-3 and Thursday from 12-1, and for more information, you may contact Sandra Gey.

  • Also upcoming is an adult education series on Quaker Schisms Part 2 - Liberals Diverge for the fall.  Part I, which covered the 17th and 18th centuries, was given in the winter/spring of 2018.  If you wish to participate in the fall, please take advantage of the readings for Part 1, on this website under Meeting Business (under Members and Attenders).  Those readings provide background and precedents for Part II.  If you have questions, contact our session leader, Sue Friday, via:  Readings will be available in advance on our website; the discussions will be on ~Sundays at 7 pm.

  • The Ministry and Care committee is putting together a new program called Spiritual Life Sharing groups.  These are four-person groups, for which people would meet once per month for six months, in a worship sharing format, to share about their spiritual lives since their last meeting.  If you are interested, please contact Judy Tate.

Continuing Events

  • Meeting for Business, Every 2nd Sunday at 1 pm, Meetingroom

  • Work party: 4th Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm

  • Singing each First Day between the 9 am and 11 am Meetings for Worship in the Community Room

  • Reading Group: Every Tuesday evening at 7:30, Meeting Library

  • Poetry & Worship Sharing Group: First Wednesday evening of every month at 7:30, Meeting Parlor

  • Circle of Concern, Every Sunday 1-2 pm and Thursday 12- 1 pm, west entrance to UC Berkeley