Preparing Signs for Berkeley Rally Against Hate / Sheetcaking

How You Can Make a Difference NOW

In the past days, since the 2016 election, many of us have felt the need to try to make a difference on the issues of most importance to us: Standing Rock, human rights, immigration, climate change, the electoral college, and others.  We will be posting action-related links and information to information about these issues that can be of use immediately so that Friends can act.  Pass information on if you want something to be posted.

Preparing for the Future.


Activities and Events

Berkeley Friends Meeting has a long history of social justice activities, including organizing and maintaining draft counseling services for many years out of our Meetinghouse.  These activities follow Quaker testimonies of peace, equality, and harmony with nature. 

Social and Environmental Action Committee meets on the first week of the month, on First Day (Sunday) at 1 pm in the Meeting Library to discuss and plan social justice activities for the Meeting. 


Regular activities each week include:

  • Circle of Concern vigil to protest the involvement of the University of California in the development of nuclear weapons, every First Day (Sunday) at 1- 2 pm at the west entrance to UC Berkeley and 12- 1 pm on Thursdays.
  • Letter writing on important issues of the day

Quaker-related organizations and activities. Meeting members and attenders participate in a wide variety of Quaker organizations that are involved in social justice activities.  These include:

Individual concerns.  In addition, individual members and attenders have their own, wide range of activities in which they participate and in which others also participate.  These include anything from climate change, food security, wildlife preservation, gun control, peace and many more. 


Local Organizations Supported by Berkeley Friends Meeting

Berkeley Friends Meeting financially supports a variety of local organizations, in addition to many Quaker organizations.  We are providing a list of those local organizations we support in the hope that you may also feel moved to support them, also.