News & Events

Upcoming Events

  • World renowned Quaker peacemaker from Britain, Scilla Elworthy, nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, will be speaking Friday, Feb 23 at 7pm at the Berkeley Friends Church. Scilla has written an excellent new book called THE BUSINESS PLAN FOR PEACE: BUILDING A WORLD WITHOUT WAR. The book convincingly shows how scaling up the proven and effective peacemaking, peace-building and nonviolent peace-keeping systems which already exist and are working,  could bring have real peace and security for everyone on the planet at a very small fraction of what the world spends on wars and preparations for wars every year.

  • The Friend's Oral History featuring Lois Pryor that was scheduled for Saturday January 20th has been MOVED to March due to conflicts.  Lois was involved in the Friends Committee on Legislation. There is a flyer in the community room.

  • The meeting invites you to consider attending the Circle of Concern, which is a twice weekly vigil near the west lawn of the UC campus, at Oxford and Center Streets, that meets to express opposition to nuclear weapons.  The vigil takes place on Sunday from 2-3 and Thursday from 12-1, and for more information, you may contact Sandra Gey.


  • Young Adult Friends (YAF) gathering: Second Wednesdays of every month in the dining room and parlor at 6:30 dinner, discussion, worship, and/or worship sharing.  They also meet the 3rd Sunday at a local restaurant for lunch after Meeting for Worship. Contact Judy Tate if you have any questions. Berkeley Meeting has a Young Adult Friends group which meets at least twice a month.  

  • Also upcoming is an adult education series on Quaker Schisms Part 1 - 17th and 18th Centuries, and the dates and readings for this are already available from our session leader, Sue Friday, via: and are available on this website under Meeting Business (under Members and Attenders).  The meetings will be Sundays at 7 pm at the Meeting House.

  • Hearts and Handwork is continuing 3rd Friday @ 7:30 PM in the Community Room dining room. Bring your knitting, sewing, or other handwork and something for show and tell for an evening of conversation and handwork. Coloring books will be provided for those who do not already have handwork. Questions? Contact Catherine Anderson at 510-526-1403 or Kylin Navarro at

  • Quaker Movie Series for the fall will include documentary films on topics which involved Quakers, including members of the Berkeley Meeting.  The February film is Freedom Riders.  It is the story of the integrated group of Americans who decided to risk everything to protest racial segregation in the early 1960s, taking busses into the Deep South.  It included two members of our Meeting.  They managed to bring the president and the entire American public face to face with the challenge of correcting civil rights inequities.  The March films include several documentaries about Quaker good works in the middle of the 20th Century.  Included is the little known story of the Scattergood Hostel in Iowa, which was set up to help displaced persons from Nazi-occupied countries.  A married couple in our meeting met there as refugees.  Our April films include a variety again, this time including interviews of some of our meeting members about the Friends Committee for Legislation of California, in front of our Meeting House.  (flyer)

  • The Ministry and Care committee is putting together a new program called Spiritual Life Sharing groups.  These are four-person groups, for which people would meet once per month for six months, in a worship sharing format, to share about their spiritual lives since their last meeting.  If you are interested, please contact Judy Tate.

Continuing Events

  • Meeting for Business, Every 2nd Sunday at 1 pm, Meetingroom
  • Work party: 4th Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm
  • Singing each First Day between the 9 am and 11 am Meetings for Worship in the Community Room
  • Reading Group: Every Tuesday evening at 7:30, Meeting Library
  • Poetry & Worship Sharing Group: First Wednesday evening of every month at 7:30, Meeting Parlor
  • Circle of Concern, Every Sunday 1-2 pm and Thursday 12- 1 pm, west entrance to UC Berkeley